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The temperature is dropping and the light is fading it’s that time of year to prepare your feet for the autumn and beyond.


Treat your feet to a warm foot soak, you deserve it. This can help soothe muscle aches and hydrate your skin. A warm foot soak even for 5 minutes can give you that wonderful sense of contentment.

Wear warm socks made with natural fibres to allow your feet to breathe. Keeping your feet warm helps circulation and redistributes heat around your body.

Give your nails a breather.  Now is the time to go nail polish free. Long term use of nail polish can turn your nails yellow and dry. Did you know that your toe nails grow at a slower rate than you finger nail and it will take your toe nails longer to recover from any damage.

Moisturise your feet daily.  Your feet actually have fewer glands than other parts of your body this makes them more prone to dryness. Moisturising will help to protect your skin from cracking particularly around the heels. You could also add a little oil to your bath water too.

Don’t forget to dry well in between your toes. A damp dark environment is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections like athletes foot.

Have a reflexology treatment. Reflexology is a perfect treatment for the cooler months. You only need to remove your socks and shoes. The Reflexology Room is a warm cosy space, just perfect for you to experience the many wonderful benefit of reflexology.

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